Info for Teams

For more information on directions, concessions, raffle, parking, and more, check out the Visitor Info page.

Required Things to Bring With You:

  • Consent Forms
  • Lego Mindstorms Robot
  • Core Value Poster
  • Materials for your team's presentation of their project, whether it be a poster, puppets, or whatever it is. If you plan to do a power-point presentation, please bring your own projector, monitor, or just plan to use the screen of the device(laptop or tablet) you are presenting on.

Helpful Things to Bring With You:

  • Things that are Helpful for Teams to Bring
  • A way to show their programming for Robot Design Judging, either on a laptop/tablet or bringing printouts of their code.
  • A box/cart to store your robot for transport.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Laptop and download cable for robot.
  • Backup your team's programs to Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other cloud storage in case it gets deleted from he computer.
  • Money for lunch (the organizations running the event sell food to help earn money for their teams)


Event Schedule

Tournament Updates

Qualifier Updates for Teams